Be at theright time at the right place
We will hunt during the early mornings and evenings, starting after dawn, hunting
through the morning with breakfast in the bush and returning to camp when the game is starting to rest from the midday heat. After a light lunch we will rest up a little too and go out again in the afternoon to hunt into the evening. Shot distances are generally not more than 150 metrs, maximum 200meters. We recommend a 30 calibre of 30.06, 300 Win Mag, or 375 H&H. These are the most used and best all-round calibre's for our game from the size of Springbuck to Eland. Most of today's soft nose bullets or partitions will work fine. You are allowed to bring a max. of 80 rounds per rifle. We will sight in your rifle on the day you arrive, so that we are ready to hunt the next morning.

Hunting Methods:
Most of our hunting is done by stalking. The terrain makes for fairly easy walking, however ankle-covering boots and trousers are recommended to prevent grass and thorns from cutting your ankles. For warthog we sometimes wait in ambush at a watering hole.

Hunting Season:
Our hunting season lasts from February to November, with April to October being the best time to hunt. June,July and August being our winter months are the best for hunting Leopard and warm clothes are recommended for the early mornings and the evenings.

Additional Equipment:
You should bring a hat or cap and sunscreen of a high SPF.
You can wear camo clothes here, as long as it is not in public while Khaki clothes are good for your sightseeing trip or during dinner time.
Rates and Hunting Prices:

Rates are for 1 Hunter and 1 licensed hunting guide.
Special Rates for Groups on request.
Hunting day 1:1 on request
Hunting day 2:1 on request
Resting day on request
Trophy Fees:
Kudu on request Hartebeest on request
Blue Wildebeest on request Oryx on request
Warthog on request Waterbuck on request
Springbuck on request Blessbuck on request
Whitetail Gnu on request Eland on request
Zebra Burchell on request Giraffe on request
Pavian on request Jackal on request
BrownHyaena on request Cheetah on request
Leopard on request
Preparation for Shoulder Mounting und Full Mount on request.
Please note:
• For hunting cheetah or leopard a minimum stay of 14 days is required.
• As to the Namibian hunting association, wounded animals are seen as hunted and require payment in full.
Daily Rates include:
  • The services of a licensed professional hunter, all airport and camp transfers, Tracker, skinner and camp staff. Full accommodation and catering. Daily laundry services, Skinning and field preparation of trophies, Hunting vehicle and equipment.
  • Delivery of trophies to a shipping agent/local taxidermist.

Daily rates do not include:
  • Trophy fees.
  • Value added tax. (15 % on daily rates only)
    • Gratuities, Airfare, Cost of side trips and Personal expenses.

Safari confirmation

  • A deposit, as agreed between the parties, will be payable to confirm any booking.
  • Payment must be made by electronic bank transfer.
  • Personal checks will not be accepted.
  • No refunds on deposits will be made in case of cancellation of the safari.
  • We reserve the right to change any terms, conditions and prices without notice.
  • Rates at the time of the hunt will apply.


Whilst all reasonable precautions are taken to ensure the safety and good health of clients, no liability will be accepted for injury, illness and/or losses incurred during or after the safari

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