is one of the safest hunting destinations in Africa.
Namibia 's economy and political situation is very stable and has a high standard, compared to other African countries. The crime rate is low, but visitors/tourists should maintain standard precautions for international traveling. For general information about Namibia, please visit the Website of the Namibian Tourism Board (NTB)

In Namibia you hunt on wild free roaming game. A typical outfitter in Namibia is often called a “Jagdfarm” (Hunting ranch), which has a fence around its property (land). But this fence is not game proof and the game is still roaming freely in its original habitat All professional hunters and Master hunting guides in Namibia must be registered with NAPHA (Namibia Professional Hunting Association)

African hunting trophy species are so varied that we suggest customizing your hunting safari in Namibia to fit your individual priorities. On average, plains game hunting safaris as well as bow hunting safaris are between 7 to 14 hunting days with a minimum of 5 hunting days required for plains game hunting. Dangerous game hunting such as Leopard hunting and Cheetah hunting require a minimum of 12 hunting days.

Located in the central high plains of Namibia at an elevation of 5200 feet (1600 meter), the temperature range can be rather extreme, typically varying 35° F (20° C) between daily highs and lows. During the early and late months of the hunting season, the occasional rainstorm can disrupt the clear sunny skies; although there may be heavy showers they are usually short in duration and typically occur in the late afternoon or evening. In reality our climate is pleasantly low in humidity, the dry heat being much more tolerable and therefore more conducive to hunting than is the case in most other hunting destinations in Africa . Another benefit of our arid climate is the absence of mosquitoes carrying malaria or yellow fever.

(21° 58′ 21.55″ S / 17° 33′ 00.24″ O)

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Namibia Professional Hunting Association

Member Number: 090M00102-7
Namibia Tourism Board

Register Number: TPH 00152

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